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2019 IGFTA DECAL Expiration

No matter where or when the IFTA decal is obtained, all decals will expire on December 31st every year. The staff at IFTA Report Filing recommends owner opertators and trucking companies to renew the IFTA decals immediately after expiration, but you are not required. There is a 2 month grace period from December to February until the next fuel tax. Please consult with the staff at IFTA Report Filing to make sure you are legal and in compliance on the road.


Following are some facts about IFTA Decals.

Decals will be approximately 3 inches x 3 inches (7.5 centimeters x 7.5
centimeters) with white letters and a background color as specified for the current
year. The letters “IFTA” are to be a minimum of 3/4 inch (1.88 centimeters) in
height and are to be incorporated into the decal with the letter I in the upper lefthand
corner, the letter A in the lower right-hand corner, and the letters F and T to
be incorporated in such a way as to constitute a diagonal design on the decal. The
two-letter jurisdiction designation shall be displayed in the lower left-hand corner,
and at least the last two numbers of the appropriate year are to be displayed in the
upper right-hand corner

The surface shall be sufficiently solvent resistant to permit cleaning with solvents such as
Kleen StripVM&P naphtha, mineral spirits, turpentine or other solvents commonly used on vehicle finishes.
Rinsed and dried, the surface shall show no appreciable change following cleaning when
compared to a new clean decal.

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